Sunday, August 15, 2010

WNBA requirement

I don't mind watching all different sports although watching basketball is not my first choice.  To be honest, I love watching some sports more than others and the WNBA hasn't ever been that high on my list.
I know that a lot of women's leagues don't get the coverage that men's leagues do and while this is sometimes justified I think that a lot of the times if networks would cover more then there might be more interest.  Some of those games are crazy intense and they do some cool things.  (I like watching the softball games best myself)

While this is good stuff to think about what I actually want to talk about is my new respect for a policy of the WNBA.

The WNBA is the only league I have ever heard of that all the players need to have college degrees in order to be drafted.  I love this idea!
How many times do you hear an interview with a professional athlete and they sound kind of dumb on tv?  They don't know how to speak correctly and they don't have the vocabulary to express themselves properly.
This isn't all athletes; one guy I love listening to at times is Tim Duncan who speaks very eloquently when he wants to.  (I am pretty sure he has a degree too; it is amazing what an education can do to your conversation abilities)

I would love to see all professional sports adopt what the WNBA does.  After all, the "shelf life" of an athlete is relatively short to their life span and I would love to hear less of professional athletes either ending up bankrupt or doing dumb things when they can't perform anymore.  And of course, it is nice to hear them speak well if they are going to the the role models to our children.

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