Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I used to read a lot of Stephen King when I was younger.  I always enjoyed reading books that were rather advanced; I like to think that I was a pretty good reader.  I started books like Stephen King way back in middle school and even though some parts I found tedious and boring I generally enjoyed them.
I look at the depth of Mr. King's books and I still enjoy the fact that he can write with such flourish and that he can keep so many plots going and bring them all together at the end of the books but recently I haven't enjoyed all the subject matter as much.
I find that in some ways Stephen King writes about the baser and more animal side of human interactions and their ways.  In some ways that is good because there are many people that truly act like that but perhaps it isn't what I want to read right now.  I find myself trying to be positive and find the good in all people on a regular basis and reading books that describe people in such a cynical or negative manner makes me feel sad.
I think that I will be packing up some of my books that are like that and not reading them anymore.  I am thankful that they got me through my younger years and I enjoyed reading them quite a bit but I want to look at the world in a positive way and what I read should be a reflection of my outlook on life.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Just a quick post on something that was wonderful tonight.
I was driving home from the basketball game where I was working concessions for Sleepy Eye girls basketball.
The lights were glowing, the snow was falling gently and there was Christmas music on the radio playing softly.
I realize that this may feel a little cliche for being beautiful but there were a couple other things that made it just right and I wanted to mention those.
1.  The roads were clear.  I love parts of winter but one thing that drives me nuts is bad roads.  It probably doesn't help that I have a car that doesn't mix well with winter.  But tonight the roads were dry and clear.  I could cruise along at 60 and not worry about sliding off the road so I could appreciate the night without feeling in danger.
2.  The snow was flowing up.  I know it was just the wind but snow swirling and dancing to Christmas music is a great sight.  There is something about dancing snow that is extra great.
3.  I was able to thank God for the moment because even though I had a tiring day and I am fighting a cold it is like my cold disappeared for a moment and everything was perfect.  I loved it.
It was a nice moment in my lately extremely busy life and I enjoyed it and wanted to share it quick.
I hope everyone can experience a moment like that sometime in their life.