Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Music Snob?

I think I am turning into quite a music snob.  Or maybe it isn't so much the genre/style as the execution of said music.
I have been listening to a lot of different types of music lately and when I listen to heavy metal music especially I am noticing the sloppiness of the music.  The drumming isn't tight; the guitar work is abysmal, and the vocalists can't stay with the instruments to save their lives.
Now, I am not saying that all heavy metal is like this.  But the stuff I have been listening to the last couple days has been.
I also got my hands on Guitar Hero 3, which is a fun game that gives me something new to do in the evening when I have 10 minutes to burn.  (the first 2 minutes is just getting through the long intro and it drives me nuts)
I enjoy the game but I have been going through the bonus songs more than the career songs.  The simple fact is that while I enjoy the career songs; I don't know the bonus songs nearly as well and it gives a new challenge and also an opportunity to experience new music.
I find the songs on the bonus side poorly written and in many ways 2nd rate music.  There are songs that I wonder if the people were on drugs or alcohol when they made them, there are songs that I think the people writing them intentionally made them different so they could say they are different, and I think there are songs that can't keep a beat to save their lives.  It really does drive me crazy in many ways.
Maybe it is just my experience with music; but I really am disappointed with quite a bit of the music out there in these ways.

On a connected yet different subject, I have been listening to Hot 96.7 on the radio lately some because it is one of the few non-country stations I can get in Sleepy Eye.  While I enjoy country music to a degree I am not a fanatic about it like the rest of my family.  i will listen to it in moderation and spend the rest of my time trying to find a station that has a plethora of Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago.
It seems to me there are a bunch of "new" songs out there that are simply old songs that are good and they have been redone in a different tempo or with a different backbeat to them.  I find it sad that people can't make really new music in this way but have to rely on those before them.  Please make something totally original instead of just using what has been done over and over again already.

Perhaps I am just turning into a music snob; I guess that is what happens when you go to college for music.

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