Sunday, June 24, 2012


The other night I put out a blanket and looked at the stars (until the bugs drove me inside.  Even with bugspray they got to me).  I realized how much I miss just looking at the stars sometimes.  When I was a kid I used to put the glow in the dark plastic stars on my ceiling in my bedroom so when I went to bed I could look up at stars as I fell asleep.  I don't remember why I ever took them down; I think it had to do with either moving out or feeling like it was too childish.  Or perhaps something about too much light to sleep?  I really don't remember.  But now that I look back I really wish I had never taken them down because you know what?  That isn't childish; it is who I am.  I like to look at the stars.  It makes me realize how insignificant I am but at the same time I know that people care about little me in this huge universe.  That is a comfort.  I am nobody but to some people I can still be a somebody.  If we all looked at the stars a little more perhaps we would view ourselves and others a bit differently.  And perhaps when we realize that even though we are all insignificant in the large picture but very significant to someone else we would treat people like they deserve to be treated.  I miss my stars.

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