Monday, December 5, 2011


Just a quick post on something that was wonderful tonight.
I was driving home from the basketball game where I was working concessions for Sleepy Eye girls basketball.
The lights were glowing, the snow was falling gently and there was Christmas music on the radio playing softly.
I realize that this may feel a little cliche for being beautiful but there were a couple other things that made it just right and I wanted to mention those.
1.  The roads were clear.  I love parts of winter but one thing that drives me nuts is bad roads.  It probably doesn't help that I have a car that doesn't mix well with winter.  But tonight the roads were dry and clear.  I could cruise along at 60 and not worry about sliding off the road so I could appreciate the night without feeling in danger.
2.  The snow was flowing up.  I know it was just the wind but snow swirling and dancing to Christmas music is a great sight.  There is something about dancing snow that is extra great.
3.  I was able to thank God for the moment because even though I had a tiring day and I am fighting a cold it is like my cold disappeared for a moment and everything was perfect.  I loved it.
It was a nice moment in my lately extremely busy life and I enjoyed it and wanted to share it quick.
I hope everyone can experience a moment like that sometime in their life.

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