Wednesday, August 17, 2011

can't we all just get along?

It isn't even 2012 and we are already in full swing into politics.  We see it everywhere.  On tv, in the newspaper, on the radio, etc.  And I find it sad that quite a few of them seem to take great relish in bashing each other.
I have friends that are straight, I have friends that are homosexual, and I have friends that are bisexual.  I have friends that are catholic, protestant, mormon, jewish, muslim, atheist, buddhist, agnostic, and even wiccan.  I have friends that are vegans, vegetarians, omnivores (it feels like literally because they will stuff anything into their mouths lol), and almost carnivores because they pretty much eat meat and not much else.  And I have friends that are liberal, conservative, tea party, republican, democrat, independent, green party, and a mix of 2 or more.
Everyone has their values, everyone has their opinions.  If you value something different than me I respect the fact that you value something different than me.  If you believe that your way is best that is up to you.  But why must we insist on bashing those that don't agree with us?  Why do we feel we have to spit on the ones we want to blame on our problems?  p.s. - I think that in politics especially there isn't a "right" side and the people that always have to blame the other wing on every problem no matter what need to take a look at how both sides have messed up but that is a completely other post.
Wouldn't it be better to get along and try and do what is best for the country rather than continually play the blame game?  How are people of different values sniping at each other going to make this country a better place to live?  Wouldn't it be better to stop the fighting and try and do what is right even if that means you have to accept some blame yourself and be a little humble about it?  Then perhaps we could get down to what we need to do to help our country in this time of not so great economy.

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