Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why music

Everybody loves different things.  I totally get that.  So this post might be just a little bit biased I understand.
But I was thinking about why I can't get away from music.  And why music is one of the most important things in the world (even though I sometimes think that America believes it is fame).

And I came up with one thing.

Music can and does inspire Everybody.

I realize that may seem like a simple statement at first so I should probably explain it.

I look at the things that people get excited about in the world (and there are a lot!) and I see that people rarely agree.  I am not saying that is a bad thing; after all, being an individual is a good thing and you should travel your own road and not someone else's or you will never be happy.
But when I look at all the things that people get excited about there aren't very many that everybody can get excited and inspired from.
I look at people that love sports and they get all inspired and excited about great sport moments.  I will admit that I am one of those.  But not everybody is.  There are people that have no interest at all in sports and a game winning score isn't a big deal to them.  They don't understand how and why people can get so excited about a game.  While I am one of the people that love those big game moments I can understand why there are people that don't love them.  Not everybody likes sports and they shouldn't have to because not liking sports is perfectly fine.
I know people that are super inspired by a sunrise or sunset or the calm of the lake or the waves of the ocean or the majesty of the mountains.  Yes, I am one of those people too.  I do love those sights; they take my breath away and leave me feeling very small but at the same time happy to be able to see things like that because it helps me know how big the world is and how small I am and then I remember that even though I am very insignificant God still loves me and He made all this beauty for me and others to enjoy.  But I know people that don't like nature and they don't like scenery and if you put them in front of a scene like that they can nod and smile and 20 seconds later they are bored and ready to go back to what they were doing.  I can understand that too because some people like cities and excitement and being out in nature like that isn't for them.  That is cool.
I know people that get inspired by books.  Yes, I know I am starting with all these things that I get inspired with and that does make it easier to write so yes I do get inspired by a good book too!.  But there are people that don't like to read and there are people that don't read and that is perfectly fine because you don't have to read to be a good person and to be inspired in life.
I know people that love a good movie and they are inspired when they watch a great film.  In a way that is also like the book side because a lot of movies were books and in a way a movie is almost always a story and in that way it holds true as well.  But some people have very little interest in movies or tv or anything like that.
I know people that get excited and inspired by cars and buildings and other things that we have manufactured and created.  Yet there are people that only see pieces of metal and stone and wood and they don't even worry about things until they don't work properly.
But of all the things I can think of the only thing that really can and does inspire everybody is music.  While there are many different genres of music and the same music may not inspire a bunch of people, music does inspire everybody.  Whether it be classical, jazz, rock, pop, metal, alternative, etc. people around the entire world get inspired by music all the time.  Even if they are watching a movie the soundtrack adds so much to the video that you would be surprised if you ever watched it without.  Concerts, radio, cds, online, music is everywhere and people love it.  It is so varied it can appeal to everybody and it is easy to see why.  It brings us to a higher place or a lower place and makes people want to do crazy things like get up and dance, shout for joy, clap, and stomp our feet.
So why music you ask?  There is my reason.  I love being a part of something so inspirational that it has caught 7 billion people.  :D

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