Monday, September 5, 2011

Santa Jesus knows EVERYTHING!

Good morning blog.  It is 7:30 am on Labor Day and I have been up reading for half an hour.
2 thoughts and I tied them together for a title that I get a kick out of.  I am usually not good at titles; when I write my stories I never have titles to them or they are really bad.  I am not good at that type of thing.
Thought 1:
God knows everything.  I always knew this.  You learn it when you are just a kid in Sunday School.  It is one of those things that you go "wow" and then you move on with your life.  But I really stopped and thought about that this morning for a minute (or 4).  Everything.  That is a lot of stuff.  I know there are the verses about knowing every hair on your head and all that good stuff and that is wonderful but it has never really gotten me like it did today.  I guess if I wanted I could go and pull out all the hairs on my head and count them too and then I would know that.  Boring?  Yes.  Time consuming?  Yes.  Pointless?  Yes.  Would I really do it?  No.
But it isn't just that.  He always sees us.  No matter what we are doing.  Kind of like Santa Claus (that will be thought 2 and I am not really comparing God to Santa Claus so don't get all nuts right now).
When you are told about Santa as a kid you are told he is always watching and he knows if you have been naughty or nice.  You won't get anything in your stocking or presents if Santa sees you doing all the bad stuff. So be good!
The scary part is while this is a bit of a big deal about God it still doesn't sum up what I felt and learned this morning.  I always knew this stuff too.  God hears you when you swear or knows when you want to punch someone or have sex or when you do those things too.  Well, so do I because it is me and I am doing them no matter how ashamed I might feel later.
No.  God knows Everything.  EVERYTHING.
I know I am not dumb.  I have the capacity to learn a lot and I have.  There are many things I know and a lot of random trivia I can have fun coming up with.  (I love those trivia games at the bars and restaurants!)
But while I have the brain capacity to know a lot of stuff there are things that human-kind doesn't understand and probably never will.  Like how the brain works.  Or Why stem cells grow into what they need to be when they are basically like other cells that only can grow into one thing.  Or love and how it really works.  Or how the female mind works!  (just kidding although most guys would know what I am saying)
These are things that not only do we not understand; we may never understand them.  We as people have been studying this stuff for years and the top brains in the world just don't get a lot of it.  Yet God not only created it; He knows how it all works too.  Perhaps you see where I went with this; perhaps not.
I just know that as I sat there this morning and thought about God knowing Everything I was kind of blown away with the thought.  Everything is a lot of stuff and we can't just stop with what we know and what our neighbor knows.  God knows more than all of us put together and He knows stuff that we will probably never figure out.
Thought 2:
I referenced Santa Claus earlier and this thought really isn't mine but it really got to me anyways.  Santa Jesus.
When we think of God are we thinking of God or Santa Claus?  Who is Santa?  A big guy that is jolly and kind and watches us every day and knows what we are doing and if we have been good or bad that we can make a list of stuff we want and give it to him and then he brings us those things (but only if we are good!)
Wow, that is a cool dude when you are a kid.
Who is God?  Do you think of Him as the guy that watches over you every day, knows if you are naughty or nice, is kind, and when you pray you can ask Him for stuff and if you have been good He will give it to you?
Wait, this sounds vaguely familiar...........
While I don't think of God as this way it seems to me that sometimes I do.  Or we do.  Or maybe it is just me.
Sometimes when I am frustrated in life or with life I throw up that prayer saying "God, can you just give me a hand here?  I have no money and I want stuff!  Can you help me out?"  Notice, it never works haha.  I still don't have my credit cards all paid off and I am not eating lobster for dinner today.  I haven't been to Disney World or seen Yankee Stadium yet either.
I really thought this morning about how God wants a relationship with us; a personal one.  Yes He knows everything we do.  He is like that.  Yes, he wants us to be nice.  He is like that too.  But I want people to be nice to each other and I am not a deity.  So that doesn't fly in many ways.
God knows those things and it embarrasses Him and upsets Him I think when you do those things; just like when you are with a group of friends and one of the people does something stupid you are upset and embarrassed because you are associated with the group.  God has associated himself with the group called me  And He wants to be a part of my group; He desperately has gone to great lengths to be in my life.  He sent His son to die on the cross to be a part of my life.  So naturally He is upset when I do dumb things; just like other people with me would be too.
Instead of looking at God like Santa; I want to look at God like God.  Someone who is a part of my group and wants to stay with my group.  The best friend in my life.  And someone who knows everything.  and I mean Everything.
Thank you Santa Jesus, but we don't need you anymore; I would rather have Jesus the Son of God.

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