Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We are giving millions to who?!?!?

I read an article today that said that another pro-football player got in trouble with the law.  Something about how without football he had nothing better to do and he ended up getting arrested.  He is number 10 this offseason.  Wait, what?!?
These guys are asking for millions of dollars and complaining about it.  I realize that everyone wants money and I am not going to say no to a million dollars if someone offers me it but that is 10 people getting arrested in a matter of a couple months while they are asking for a lot of money.  Do we really want to give that much money to people like this?  Wouldn't it be better to use that money for the good of mankind rather than people who are so bored only a couple months after the season is over that they are getting arrested left and right?
With or without a million dollars, I somehow doubt that most friends of mine would manage to have this happen to them in the same sort of circumstances.  Is this a sign of how enabled we have made these people?  Perhaps this isn't the best thing.  And it certainly isn't people I want as role models for my kids!

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